Knowing Yourself Takes Courage

Self Assessment takes Courage because you don't necessarily know what the results are going to look like. It could be positive or it might not be so positive. The uncertainty of the unknown is a major issue for most people to overcome. We all have a tendency to stay away from the unknown. If you have a controlling personality, like most Entrepreneurs this can be even harder to face. For many, the issue is not your ability to handle the outcome. Because even when the outcome is positive, the experience of knowing that you don't know is not something most people enjoy. Therefore, most people operate in a false sense of awareness. They mentally trick themselves into believing that they are in a position which may or may not be true. Knowing the truth about where you are in any given situation is critical to your success. Unfortunately, for many their egos will not allow them to pursue the truth. They tend to create and live in their own reality even if it's just a fantasy.

For example, checking your credit. Some people are like "I don't want to check my credit". They may feel that their credit is too bad or they may even feel that their credit is perfect. I have worked in a car dealerships for many years and I can't begin to count the number of people who were afraid to know their credit score. In the majority of the cases, their credit score was usually not what they had expected, either positive or negative. The fact that they had no knowledge of their credit score did not change their actual score. Having an exact knowledge of their credit score would give them the power to properly prepare and plan a more successful strategy.

As an Entrepreneur, you are going to have to find the courage to face your fear and know your positions in life and business at all times. You must also have the belief that if you are not in the position which you desire, you have the ability to make the necessary changes to improve your position. Courage is not a one time deal. For Entrepreneurs, you must be ready to load yourself up with courage on a daily basis to face the business world. Life without fear is not living and Courage is the ability to continue living while facing your fears. Self Assessment is a fear that many of us most overcome if we want to achieve the success we desire in business and in life.

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