Self Assessment is a must for Entrepreneurs

Criticism, let's talk about constructive criticism. You can't accept constructive criticism if you don't have self awareness. If you are not aware of your actions, habits, or routines, you are not in position to make changes. The next step once you become aware is you gotta accept it. Most people don't like criticism good, bad or constructive because they have to accept the facts of their actions. Even if this criticism is good correction, it's often a hard pill to swallow.

For example if you are driving down the highway doing 85 mph and the speed limit is only 65 mph, you need to be fully aware of your speed. If the police gives you a speeding ticket, you have to accept the ticket even if you don't agree. At this point some of you will decide to go to court and contest the ticket. However, once the video of you speeding is presented, at some point, you will have to accept the fact that you are a speedster and make the necessary changing to your driving habits. Otherwise, you run the risk of continuing to get speeding tickets.

As Entrepreneurs, one of the toughest things we face is our ability to be honest with our self assessments. The great CEOs are very clear on where they are, so they can get to where they are going.

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